Yoga is the perfect complement to our busy modern lifestyles - fantastic for bad backs, stiff necks, tight shoulders and great for stress release. You'll find that Yoga ..

It's called the art of feeling good, from the inside to the outside. So come and join me and my team at Mande White's Yoga. See you in class soon. I know you'll love it!


About Mande

Mande is the founder of City Yoga. Her remarkable teaching ability and creative approach to yoga, movement and health have made her one of the most sought after fitness consultants in New Zealand. Mande's enthusiastic and positive approach to life and fitness is motivational.

Mande has spent more than 2 decades expanding the horizons of health and fitness for people of all ages and fitness levels. Her many yoga trips to India, Europe and the US have given her depth and understanding of yoga. Mande is a Level 2 Intermediate Certified Iyengar teacher.

Mande maintains a very practical and hands-on teaching approach that can be easily incorporated into every day life. Her students come from all walks of life and are inspired by the passion and devotion that she brings to her classes. After 2 decades of creating fitness and health trends, Mande remains one of the industry's brightest innovators.

Be inspired by Mandes Ode to Yoga ... Click here to read!



Yoga / Stretch Class Timetable 2021 - 2022

Last updated Aug 2021

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday




    8.30-9.50 am
Level 2 +
10.00-11.15 am
Level 1 & 2
  10.00 -11.15 am
Level 1 & 2
9.45-11.15 am
Level 2

All levels
Yin Fascia Tone & Release

10.20 - 11.20 am Level 1 Beginners


11.30 - 12.30pm
Level 1 Beginners



11.30 - 12.30pm
Level 1 Beginners
4.30-5.30 pm
All Levels
Stretch for the week

  4.30-5.30 pm
All Levels

Level 1

Level 1 Beginner

For beginner students new to yoga. Students learn correct alignment and movement in basic yoga poses with the help of props. Highly therapeutic techniques to help back problems, tight hamstrings, bad necks etc and stressed out bodies. Level 1 classes also help train the mind to remain alert and focused. Classes always end with relaxing poses to then soothe the mind and allow for a good nights sleep.

level 1 & 2

Basic yoga poses are presented in more challenging ways with the focus on the fundamentals. Students start to build more strength, stamina and flexibility in these classes. Inversion, back-bends and arm balances are introduced at this level.


2021/2022 Fees

Classes Fee Valid for
5 Class Concession (60 mins) $110 valid 1 month
5 Class Concession (75 & 90 mins) $120 valid 1 month
10 Class Concession (60 mins) $220 valid 3 months
10 Class Concession (75 & 90 mins) $240 valid 3 months
24 Class Concession $505 valid 5 months
Unlimited 1 month $220 valid 1 month
Unlimited 1 week $75 valid 1 week
Casual Class (60 mins) $25 per class
Casual Class (75 & 90 mins) $30 per class
Intro to Yoga Workshop (2 hrs) $90 per workshop

* Introductory Offer - first class only $10 Please note: When you purchase a concession card payment must be paid upfront in full.
Your card will no longer be valid after the specified time period above.

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Our address is:

283 Ponsonby Road,
Three Lamps Plaza
Ponsonby, Auckland

Phone: Ph 027 4908020
Facebook: Mande on Facebook





Going to Mande White Yoga has transformed my life. I used to be exhausted and injured from working hard as a lawyer and running every day, but now I am injury free and I have discovered new energy and fun through yoga. Mande has enabled me to do things I haven't done since I was a gymnast in my youth and I have real pride in the flexibility and strength I have built through working hard under Mande’s guidance. My brain function has also improved with all that blood to the head and that helps me a lot in my work.

I also feel younger now than I did when I started training with Mande at the start of 2015.I have tried other yoga instructors but Mande’s variety of movements, combination of building strength and flexibility, sequencing and inspirational teaching style is unbeatable. I know I will do yoga until I die. It has become an essential part of my self care. Thank you Mande for giving me a new life!
Mai Chen, Managing Partner, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland.

Mande while teaches with a gentle yet powerful insight, her classes are intense yet informative and not only focus on the strengthening and flexibility parts of yoga but the healing and restorative process’s for the human body. The outcome, I feel refreshed, aligned and balanced with a calm stamina that allows me to push through work and life.
Ben Mitchell: Actor

Its not often you find a yoga instructor so good that you’re prepared to plan your whole day around trying to get to a mid week lunch time class but Mande Whites classes are so motivating.  Having had serious injuries Mande’s classes are perfect for me because she provides a style of yoga that is challenging enough for me and that compliments for existing gym strength work something you don’t find enough in the yoga world.  Mandes classes are functional, therapeutic but I always leave feeling like I have had a “proper” workout   a factor that is important to me her classes are the perfect compliment to my gym training and play a huge role in me keeping my body and mind in balance.  Her classes are educative, intensely challenging yet are also intuitively designed to reduced the stress, tension and pressure the stressful aspects of western lifestyles have on our bodies.  And because of this i don’t think any other instructor has inspired me to love yoga and integrate it into my life as much and Mande.
Rosie Bosworth

In the past I had always thought of yoga as being ‘nice to have’ as part of my workout schedule but could never really justify yoga as one of those workouts.  Mande’s offering of challenging classes with plenty of variety certainly changed my mind on that front.  Mande’s ability to change your thinking from ‘can’t do’ to ‘can do’ is very infectious and you always walk away after class with a sense of personal achievement.  I began doing Mande’s classes four years ago and my mindset has certainly charged over that time.   I can’t imagine my weekly workout schedule without those classes now!
Over the four years that I’ve been doing yoga I have noticed a tremendous change in my body both posturaly and in the way that it moves.  The benefits of yoga have helped in the other aspects of my fitness regime too.  The positive improvements i’ve achieved in both my flexibility and mobility have enabled me to perform strength training exercises more correctly.  My body has become more balanced during the time that i have been doing yoga and I feel that i demonstrate a more youthful posture as a result.
Helen Wrightson

Knight Coldicutt has had Mande White as our yoga instructor for a number of years.  We love doing yoga with Mande once a week as a corporate group, as it gives us all a chance to change gears and pace together, as well as taking a break away from the day to day routine of the screen and desk.  The stretching combined with Mande's vast knowledge of health and nutrition sets us up for the balance of the week and takes us into the weekend with enthusiasm.  Mande is a special person and the way that she conducts her classes in a friendly, yet thorough and professional fashion, is a benefit to all that come in contact with her.